Friends' Corner

There are places I remember all my life ...

bullet Angarsk
bullet Akademgorodok
bullet Duesseldorf

I get by with a little help from my friends ...

bullet Tur (Autobio for the Club Quant Encyclopedia, In Russian);
bullet Turitsyn's family (Created by Andrei K. Turitsyn, In Russian); P1,P2 (family recollections by the father K.S.Turitsyn,in Russian)
bullet The Physics Department of the Novosibirsk University, Akademgorodok
bullet Alma Mater, Akademgorodok
bullet Interview to ECO (In Russian)

They've been going in and out of style but they're guaranteed to raise a smile ...

bullet Club Quant 1998
bullet All together now (Club Quant 1998, Akademgorodok)
bullet KVN NGU 1987; KVN NGU 1987 - Long live the KVN
bullet Wire Communications; Blue-sky research
bullet Odessa 1987; Odessa Forever

Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be in time ...

bullet Proposal submitted
bullet Friends will be friends

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise...

bullet Kostya and Lena

Let it IB

bullet To Ian Bennion - founder of the Photonics Research Group at Aston University (produced by David Webb)

Life time of communisim (on the 65th birthday of E. A. Kuznetsov)

bullet Memories dedicated to E.A. Kuznetsov on his 65-th birthday

Theoretical physicist

bullet Theoretical physicist

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