Project View

Optimising Resource Utilisation in Wireless Mobile Networks

Research Students: Mirghiasaldin Seyedebrahimi

Supervisors: Dr. X Peng, Dr. J. van Mourik

Sponsor: BlackBerry (Research In Motion)


The provision of good QoS in wireless mobile networks, typically constant high data rates and low delays, has proved difficult to achieve because of inherent wireless channel impairments and cost and resource constraints. Moreover, network resource is in ever shorter supply, as the growing popularity of Smart Phones, increased demand for multimedia and the rise of the ‘app’, are drastically increasing volumes of data being transported across the wireless infrastructure.

One of the main concerns in the design and operation of mobile communication networks is the rapid and significant variation in instantaneous channel conditions. The 3GPP specifications for High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) have defined several advanced techniques to address this concern, such as link adaptation (power and rate control), channel-dependent scheduling and hybrid ARQ (HARQ). These techniques are designed to work independently to provide robust data transmission without taxing resources. However, they do not take account of cross layer issues nor the interactions between different optimisation technologies. This project will address the challenges in

·         Optimization of resource utilisation when multiple parameters across different layers need to be considered and a number of related technologies are involved;

·         Derivation of tailored optimisation strategies in response to varied user applications to ensure a good user experience and fairness in service distribution;  and

·         Meeting the requirements for processing speed and complexity under the constraint of short transmission time intervals for both HSPA and LTE.


QoE Driven Adaptive Video Streaming





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