Project View

Achievable Channel Capacity of Cooperative Wireless Communication Systems

Research Student: Guchun Zhang, M.Sc., B.Eng.

Supervisor: Dr. X Peng

Sponsors: British Telecom &  Aston University


Cooperative communications aims to exploit as much diversity as conventional multiple-antenna technology can provide by utilizing distributed antennas on different wireless terminals. It is regarded as a promising technology to support higher data throughput and larger transmission range in mobile cellular network, wireless LAN, wireless sensor networks and wireless backbone networks such as WiMax.

Our research is focused on the fundamental issues of the technology at the PHY layer and MAC layer. We investigate the effect of correlation on the performances of different proposed cooperation protocols and look into the desired role of relay nodes that can optimize the diversity gains generated against the restriction on resource costs. We also implement a test bed based on wireless sensor nodes to examine the practically achievable benefits brought to the networks through relaying and cooperation.



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