Photonic Networks

Course EE4013

Keith Blow

Lectures and Tutorials

The course is logically broken up into a number of topics as shown below.


The first four topics cover most of the background information to do with networking but placed in an optical context where possible.

Topic 1:- Overview

Topic 2:- Basic Concepts

Topic 3:- Switching

Topic 4:- Protocols

Workshop 1:- Workshop where we can go over material already covered and discuss some of the problems in the first problem sheet.

Problems based on the first part of the course.

Topic 5:- Local Area Networks

Topic 6:- Wavelength Routed Networks

Topic 7:- Optical Amplifiers

along with an Excel spreadsheet showing the cumulative effects of spectral gain modulation.

Topic 8:- Ultrafast All-Optical Packet Networks

Problems based on the second half of the course

Workshop 2:- Final chance to review matrial from the course and look at the second example problem set.

Coursework Topics

Here are some topics you can consider for the coursework elements of this module and the Research Methodology module and possibly the project management module.

There are two pieces of coursework that you need to hand in to me. One is based on the slides you use for the technology presentation and contributes toward the assessment of the Photonic Networks module as discussed in the syllabus.
The other is the major unit of assessment for the course and is a report on the E-Merlin radio telescope network. More information on this assessment will be discussed in the lectures.

Exam Questions

2001 paper

2002 paper

The course is currently examined through coursework.